An international meeting of taste sensations!

Delicious smells coming out of the consultation room at IBM. A table full of bowls with delicious dishes from around the world. Our participants of World Smart College Language have prepared and brought varieties of dishes that are among the favorites in their home countries to please the guests and themselves. Even a star chef would envy such varied and surprising cuisines: from sweet to savory, mild to spicy, spicy to colorful. What a feast for the eye as well!

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The Easter Lunch is also a moment of reflection. Just forget everything for a moment and be with each other. During the dinner stories were told: "Do you know that Easter Monday is a multicultural spring festival - Shem El Nessim " in Egypt. Every year on Easter Monday all Egyptians, Muslim or Christian, draw to the banks of the Nile to welcome the spring by picnicking. Shem El Nessim is not associated with religion and dates back to the time of pharaohs. According to the ancient Egyptians, this represented the beginning of creation, which is deriving from Shamo, meaning the renewal of life. Later this festival is associated with Easter. Today, many Egyptians consider this spring festival as an expression of brotherhood between Muslims and Christians.
During this cozy Easter lunch it becomes immediately clear that not only language makes people together, but also food and festivities are also strong unifying factors!

Translated by Simla Kunwar

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